COVID-19 Support Center

KIS Technologies is dedicated to helping find ways for our clients to open safely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be dedicated to hardware products and software features that can assist with safely reopening your venues and facilities.

Please revisit this page often as we are working on a number of new solutions to assist you in providing a safe and compliant environment for your employees and guests. We can all get through this together by partnering with innovative solutions.

Mobile + Apple Wallet Tickets

KIS Ticket offers an easy way to send tickets straight to your customers' mobile device or email so you can avoid physical contact and exchanging paper tickets. Simply input your ticket buyer's phone number or email on the receipt screen after checkout, then hit "Email" or "Text" and your patron will receive their ticket in seconds*. With this feature, you also collect your customer's phone and email information for future reporting and order searching.

KIS Wallet
KIS Ticket Online Sale

Online Sales with KIS Ticket

KIS Ticket makes it easy to sell tickets online. Buying online means less person-to-person contact when purchasing tickets. Our online pages are also mobile-responsive, so event goers can purchase directly on their phones even while waiting at the venue. This not only prevents the overhead of managing cash, but also has the potential to save you money, since you can easily forward KIS Ticket fees to your buyers online.

EMV + Contactless Payments

KIS Ticket just launched our integration with Square which allows for contactless payment. This eliminates cash transactions which helps prevent the spread of germs and is also incredibly simple and secure. KIS Ticket is launching our native EMV solution next month which also allows for cashless and contactless payments. For more information, contact

Contactless Payment
Dynamic capacity

Dynamic Capacity

KIS Ticket offers dynamic capacity for your venue so you can easily track and limit capacity across multiple price types. In addition, we provide a comprehensive attendance report so you can get real-time feedback on your attendees**.

Kiosk Sales

KIS Ticket is currently integrating with KIS Kiosk to let you sell tickets through our Kiosk solution! Our Kiosk integration will be completed later this year and will allow you to sell with minimal human contact. Contact for more info.

KIS Kiosk Machine
*KIS Ticket does not use our clients’ customer data. All data collection is gathered in accordance with our clients’ data collection policies. KIS always encourages clients to follow best practices for collection and usage of customer data. **Internet connection required.