COVID-19 Support Center

KIS Technologies is dedicated to helping find ways for our clients to open safely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be dedicated to hardware products and software features that can assist with safely reopening your venues and facilities.

Please revisit this page often as we are working on a number of new solutions to assist you in providing a safe and compliant environment for your employees and guests. We can all get through this together by partnering with innovative solutions.

Disposable Stylus & Touchless Dispensers

The eco-friendly, disposable utensil that serves as a substitute for your finger on public touch-interactive surfaces.

  • The FreeStylus, when paired with the FreeMotion dispenser, provides a touch-free experience for the consumer.
  • Designed for everyone, you don’t need a smartphone with the correct apps, nor do you need to be an early technology adopter.
  • Designed to work on all touchscreen technologies, and can be used on hardware buttons and other touch points.
  • Provides a brandable and visible experience.
  • Prevents contact exposure at the outset, better solution than adding sanitizers after exposure.

FreeStylus Utensil

FreeStylus Utensil

A one-time use disposable stylus constructed with eco-friendly material that functions with all capacitive touch screens and physical buttons. This personal protective equipment (PPE) for the public provides a touch-free solution for various public surfaces.

  • Cost-Effective Stylus
  • Made With Craft Paper
  • Compatible With All Touchscreens
  • Brandable + Durable Design

Touchless Dispensers

A motion sensor triggered FreeStylus dispenser.

  • Touchless Dispensing Operation
  • Countertop | Wallmount | Freestanding
  • 450 FreeStylus Capacity
  • Simple + Quick Refilling
  • Customizable designs available

FreeStylus dispenser