KIS Kiosk

Think Outside the Box Office

With KIS Kiosk, you can easily sell tickets 24/7 for a fraction of the cost of a traditional Box Office. Purchasing tickets is a breeze with our intuitive touch-screen purchase flow. We also offer will-call, reserved seating, and timed entry.

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KIS Kiosk FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about KIS Kiosk

What is the cost for a standard kiosk model?

Pricing is based on the type of kiosk (indoor vs outdoor) and the components on the kiosk (screen size, printer, barcode scanner, payment device, etc.). High-level pricing for Indoor Kiosks is approximately $10,000 - $12,000 and Outdoor Kiosks $18,000 - $20,000. We offer full purchase and lease options for the hardware.

What other costs are involved in the purchase of a standard kiosk model?

In addition to the hardware purchase or lease, we have a Software License and Maintenance Fee per month, per kiosk, depending on the number of kiosks. Our goal is to keep our pricing less than $28.00 per day, per kiosk. (Based on an indoor kiosk amortized over 36 months with hardware and software combined)

What features can a kiosk support?

Our goal is to mirror your box office experience, therefore, Ticket Sales, Timed Entry, Will Call and Memberships are the standard features. (Note: we can generally transfer what is available via the API to the kiosk, depending on the ticketing system).

Can a customer reprint a ticket from the kiosk?

Yes, in the form of Will Call or, if made available, reprinting tickets that may not have been specifically assigned to Will Call.

What type of events can the kiosk sell?

Our kiosks can handle Reserved Seating and Timed Entry events in addition to General Admission.

What type of connectivity is required?

Power and Internet. We prefer hard-wired internet for the best reliability; however, you may use Wi-Fi in some cases.

After installation, what functions and features are controlled by the client vs KIS support?

With our latest platform, we have transferred a lot of control to the client side using the Maintenance Options on the kiosk as well as a web-based Admin Portal for control.

What is the timeline for installing a kiosk?

Typically, the hardware takes 8 weeks from order to delivery. While that is in progress, we work with the client to complete the software configuration.

What is the lifespan of a kiosk?

We have some kiosks that have been in operation since 2012. We would say 10-12 years at least, if not longer. Technology changes rapidly, especially on the payment hardware side, but pending no major technology lags in the hardware, the kiosks are built to last a very long time.

Does the kiosk store any data?

Other than standard transactional logging for troubleshooting purposes, all data is stored with the secured ticketing system

For payment processing how does the kiosk handle the transaction, i.e. do I need a separate merchant account?

We use P2PE devices to authorize the transaction through several payment processors. The PCI compliant data that is returned from the payment gateway is then passed to the ticketing system during checkout to link the transaction between the two systems.

Does KIS collect any type of transaction fee (from us or the purchaser)?

No, KIS Kiosk does not charge transaction fees, such as per ticket fees or checkout fees. The software licensing and support fees cover expenses.

What type of support do you offer?

We offer hardware and software support for the duration of the contract. We have a help desk that is ready to assist with any issues or changes that need to be made to your kiosk.

What information does the kiosk use for picking up pre-purchased tickets (will call)?

We have multiple methods to authenticate the customer such as: Credit Card, Name, Email, Order Number, Barcode reader, and Membership ID. However, depending on the ticketing system, we can be creative with the API and other methods to verify the identity of the customer.

How long does a typical ticket purchase transaction take on a kiosk?

Depending on the steps involved, choices available, data capture and potential upsells, the process can be as quick as 1-3 minutes.

What hardware is included in a standard kiosk model?

A standard kiosk model typically includes the touchscreen monitor, a micro-pc, printer, barcode scanner and payment device.

Do the kiosks offer timed entry tickets?

Yes, we have several clients who use “Timed Entry” options for restricting and maintaining capacity.

What are the options for looking up a membership account?

We have multiple methods to look up a Membership such as: Credit Card, Name, Email, Barcode reader, and Membership ID. However, depending on the ticketing system, we can be creative with the API and other methods to verify the identity of the customer.