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Online Ticket Sales

Bring your General Admission ticketing to the next level with industry low fees for online ticketing!

Manage Your People

Giving you complete control and the ability to make up to the minute changes with your operators to keeps your gates functioning smooth.

Mobile POS

Who said your Box Office couldn't be mobile? With out Mobile POS App you can sell tickets ANYWHERE.

Box Office POS

With the simplest Box Office interface design, selling tickets and training operators has never been easier.

Real-Time Reporting

With out KIS Ticket Enterprise Solution you can enjoy up to the minute in report to see exactly where your bottle-necks are!

Report Analytics

figure out exactly where you need to plan a head of time with full report analytics at your finger-tips.


Features That Benefit Everyone

Your ticketing solution should make your life easier, not harder. Find the right solution for you.

Our Partners

When people come together to make something great, everyone wins!

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