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KIS Technologies is dedicated to helping find ways for our clients to open safely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be dedicated to hardware products and software features that can assist with safely reopening your venues and facilities.

Please revisit this page often as we are working on a number of new solutions to assist you in providing a safe and compliant environment for your employees and guests. We can all get through this together by partnering with innovative solutions.


Protect Your Environment.

Your employees and your customers are the most valuable investments in your business.

As the world begins to return to business, venues, facilities, hospitals, grocery stores, retailers, and a host of other companies will look to temperature screening as employees report to work and buildings open up again. This first layer of checking can curb the spread of the virus and provide a level of comfort to your employees and patrons.

This solution is equipped with an infrared temperature sensor/detector to provide an accurate temperature reading while providing an alert if an individual is running a fever.

  • Reduce risk of access by infected persons
  • Maintain a safe environment for employees and patrons
  • More hygienic than thermometers that require physical contact
  • Safer and more efficient than using a human resource to screen temperatures
  • Avoid costly contamination clean-up
  • Reduce stress and anxiety for employees and guests
Temperature screening kiosk
Temp sensing kiosk Desktop


  • Uses an algorithm for object heat and fast detection temperature accuracy
  • +/- 1 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Android Operating System and Software included
  • 1-second refresh rate
  • Scans people from 20 to 39 inches from kiosk
  • This device meets FDA guidelines for non-medical screening purposes

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Information covering Temperature Screening Kiosk

What is the lead time?

8-10 weeks.

How long does it take to detect a person’s temperature?

Between 1-3 seconds

At what distance will it detect someone’s temperature?

The kiosk scans people from 20 to 39 inches from kiosk.

How does it work

The system is calculated with an algorithm for object heat- and fast detection temperature-accuracy, with a refresh rate of 64Hz.

Who sets the high temperature alert?

You can configure it in the app.

How accurate is the Infrared Sensor?

+/- 1 degree Fahrenheit.
Note: The device can be changed for Celsius or Fahrenheit readings.

How many people can it detect at one time?

1 person at a time.

Is the unit able to detect people at different heights?

There is a sensor and camera adjusting from 3’ to 6.5’

Can the system detect animals?

No, only human beings.

Will the unit overheat?

The unit has been designed with heat dissipation to combat overheating due to long term use.

Does the device meet FDA guidelines?

Yes, the device meets FDA guidelines for non-medical screening purposes

Does it require internet access?

If you require reporting or notifications, a Wi-Fi connection is required.

Is the device stand-alone or does it need to connect to Wi-Fi or a network? If it needs to connect to a network, why is it required? Will it access a cloud-based app?

It can be used without a network. The reason to connect to a network is more for remote monitoring and data collection. The Control Module will be released in June.

Does it identify the person or other data?

The current version does not have facial recognition. We expect to deliver in June 2020. The facial recognition functionality will save the employees face and log each temperature scan of that person into a file. The log of scans will be stored on the tablet and can be retrieved directly from the tablet or through the Star Control platform. This functionality will be delivered in a software update and will not require any additional purchase. Once available, it can be updated remotely.

From a security perspective, how frequent are security patches updated?

As frequent as needed.

What will be required from IT to deploy the device and application?

The current product is a stand-alone device, so power would be sufficient. For data tracking purposes, wi-fi or LAN would be required.

Is there more information available regarding the application? Does it need a printer? Does it have reports?

Right now, the focus for this device is mainly a quick scan to prevent people with a fever from entering. KIS Kiosk is currently working on a feature to print thermal wristbands or stickers that can be worn by patrons or employees. Future versions will add facial recognition and linking it to control module. Reports will also be added in the future.

Relating to Wireless/Network Connectivity–Assuming a receptionist is on another computer that would access the reading, would this app run locally or is it cloud-based?

The app runs locally on the tablet in order to be quick and stable. If a receptionist would need to be notified, an Internet connection would be required.

Stand Alone – no wireless and cabling – Does it sound an alarm or require a person to be close to the device to approve the person to go to the next stage?

As long as the device detects a temperature over the preset range, the alert notification will sound until it no longer detects that temperature. There’s a heat map at the top right of the screen, so the user can identify the high temperature point the device is referring to. The on-screen temperature reading turns red if the patron's temperature is too high. The reading remains green if it is below that threshold. With the new software updates coming in June-July 2020. there will be a feature to setup email alerts.

Does it notify anyone if the temperature is too high?

If the device detects an individual has a temperature over the configured value, an alert notification will sound until it no longer detects that temperature. The alert volume is adjustable and can be muted entirely if needed. The sound is not an annoying or scary audio sound, it sounds similar to a grocery store checkout scanner.

A future version of the system will also allow you to configure the system to automatically send an email notification to a pre-set list, indicating someone with a temperature beyond the configured value has been screened. This functionality is expected to deliver in June 2020. This will be a software update and will not require any additional purchase. Once available, it can be updated remotely.

Does the device store customer information such as temperature readings or images?

There will be software updates released in June-July 2020 that will allow for the storage of some information such as temperature logs and face images for tracking purposes.

Does the device support multiple languages?

Currently the only language available is English

Can the device be used outside of the United States?

Yes, however, this depends on import/export restrictions from the USA to other countries.

What are the dimensions of the device (weight and H, L, W)?

The packaged dimensions are 31 inches width X 31 inches depth x 71 inches height. Each individual kiosk weighs 50-60 lbs and the packaged weight is 100 lbs each.

What is the certificate of origin or where has it been declared to have been made?

These devices are USA made in Cerritos, CA. Some parts are not made in the USA, but all enclosures, assembly and packaging is handled 100% in the USA.


Temperature Screening Kiosk

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